Thursday, July 2, 2015


Audrey was having a rough day yesterday so I figured if she was going to cry she could do it at the pool where Tate could at least have fun. He had the pool to himself. The big pool was actually empty as well so the pool manager and lifeguards helped out with the girls. 

I am starting to get super frustrated. The girls both take cat naps so by the time I get the second one to sleep, the first one is already waking up. 

Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Audrey slept until 4:45 lasted night. I heard a baby fuss at 4 and panicked when I realized it was Ellie. I held my breath when I went in and checked on Audrey. She typically wakes up three or four times so I was scared she stopped breathing!  The girls both took a long nap at the same time this morning. It was nice to get some things done. Tate was super tired when he got home from daycare. He had a meltdown before bed and said he didn't like being a big kid and he wanted to be a baby and that he wanted the babies to go away. It is pretty heartbreaking. I try my absolute hardest to be enough for each one of my kids and always fall short for someone and it is usually Tate. 

Monday, June 29, 2015


I took Audrey to the doctor again today. She still cries while eating most of her bottles and has terrible gas pains. We got referred to a GI specialist to make sure there isn't anything else we can be doing.  Our pediatrician still thinks it is just bad reflux and we just have to tough it out until she outgrows it. Tate came with us to the doctor. We bought fireworks and had lunch at DQ. Ellie stayed with grandma. Tate cried all afternoon because we left the fireworks at grandma's and I wouldn't take him back there to play with them. 

Friday, June 26, 2015


For some reason my phone is having a hard time uploading posts. It rained last night so the boys couldn't cut wheat today. Audrey had a few good days but today she was worse again. Ellie likes to scream after eating too. Her poor head seems to be getting flatter despite my best efforts to keep her off of it. She is sleeping like a champion so that is the culprit.  Tate has been having trouble sleeping. 

Thursday, June 18, 2015


The girls had their well check this morning. 

Ellie - 10 lbs. 14 oz., 21.75 inches
Audrey - 10 lbs. 10 oz., 22.75 inches

Ellie is getting a very flat spot on the back of her head so we have to make her do a lot more tummy time. She just sleeps so much and spends a lot of time on her back. Her big toenail is slightly ingrown. We just need to push back the skin after each bath. 

Audrey has a slight flat spot on her head. She has torticollis and we need to stretch her neck multiple times a day. We also just have to put up with her crying when she eats. 

They got three shots in their legs and had to drink another one. They screamed. They were sleepy and fussy this afternoon. Audrey had a fever this evening. 

Tate slept until 6 this morning out on the couch. He was pretty happy all day. He made the front page of the paper.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Magic Man

I managed to take all three kids for a walk and play outside all morning!!  I wore Audrey in the carrier and pushed the other two in the stroller. Audrey stayed asleep in the carrier while we played but I had to feed Ellie and had her hang out in the bouncer. This afternoon we went to see Dan Dan the Magic Man at the library. My friend and her son met us there. Tate did a great job and sat through the whole thing.  After that we went to my friend's house. She watched my kids for a little while so I could run a few errands. Tate fell asleep on the drive home about at about 5:00 and is still snoozing on the couch 4.5 hours later!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Real Life

A twin mom with adult kids reminded me to take time to journal what is happening now. While I blog frequently, I usually skip over the details that make this new life do crazy. Here is real life:

We go to bed around 10 each night. Brett takes the first shift with the babies. He sleeps on the living room floor. Audrey gets up at around 11 and/or 1 to eat and often wakes several other times.  Brett switches me around 4 when she wakes to eat again. Usually I feed her and then Ellie wakes to eat. I sleep on the couch until they wake up again. Someone is usually up again around 5 or 6. Tate has been waking up screaming in the middle of the night too. I rarely get to go back to sleep. It seems like just when I get the babies back to sleep then Tate is up. I am really sad and stressed on the days that I have all three kids. The babies rarely stay asleep and take decent naps so I pretty much spend my time getting them back to sleep, pedaling out gas, or feeding them. I think I pretty much spend most of my day putting babies back to sleep. Tate usually gets frustrated that I have to stop what we are doing or can't play with him at all and ends up crying.  The girls hate their car seats and usually both scream when we go anywhere in the car so I don't like to go places either. I have the stroller that holds both car seats but it is pretty much worthless since the babies won't stay quiet in it. The babies eat at the same time for most of their feeds during the day. Audrey still cries when she eats. I lay them each on a propped up boppy on the floor to feed them and burp them one at a time. When Audrey starts to cry, I throw her on my legs and pat her so I can continue to feed Ellie. In the afternoons I scurry around and try to get odds and ends done. I can manage to wash the clothes but can't ever get them put away. I have Ellie nap in her room and  Audrey nap in mine so I can't ever get in there to put away clothes. I try to get supper prepped while the girls nap in the afternoon.  I try to have an early supper then Tate gets play time with either Brett or I while the other one tries to do dishes or tend to the babies. My mom has been a lifesaver. The girls were super fussy in the evenings and so she started coming over every evening to help. She does my dishes and washed bottles so we can get to bed sooner. Without her we would not be able to give Tate as much one on one time.  Then we do it all again the next day. 

I changed Audrey this morning and realized I put a size 5 diaper in her in the middle of the night. Ellie slept in her crib last night.